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Find People UK


We help people find their lost friends and family. Businesses often hire us to find debtors and important people in order to stay profitable. Our “Find People UK” clients are about a 50/50 mix of these two markets.

Adopted persons often ask to find their birth parents. We take on many similar people finding cases every year. Solicitors and small businesses throughout the UK use regularly to find their missing clients, debtors and beneficiaries.

Our “Find People UK” service costs £49.99 upfront (to cover time and expenses) and a further £99.99 ONLY if we find the missing person. You can take two weeks to confirm the new address before making the success payment.

Our people finders are members of the WAPI (World Association of Professional Investigators)and the SIF (Scottish Investigators Forum).

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Find People UK

Find People UK is a professional member of:
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Welcome to Find People UK


If you’re looking at this website then you need to find someone. is not the kind of website you stumble upon - you have to seek it out. Now that you have found us, let us find the people you’re after!


The minimum information we require is the missing person’s full name. We’re experts and even with just a name we can find missing people. It would not be an easy Find People UK case though! Ideally we’d want to know their last known address and their age or date of birth. Also, when was your last contact with them? So that we know when to start looking from.


When you hire us to start a “Find People Investigation” give any details you know about the person’s family or friends. If we can’t find the person, maybe we can find someone who knows where they are.


Find People UK details:-


1) We will conduct a search of public records and specialist credit databases. The public records include birth, marriage and death indexes (we don't charge extra for this, a lot of researchers do). The credit databases are updated by banks and financial organisations.


2) We don’t stop at searching people finder databases. We also phone and write to and leads gathered from our database enquiries. We do this only with your permission first.


3) Company policy is to keep client’s details confidential during and after our find people UK investigations. Your case file will be deleted shortly after it is completed so we can comply with UK data guidelines.


4) The final "Find People UK" report we provide you with will contain a detailed account of our investigation. This really separates us from the pack, not only are we cheaper but we give more detailed reports than bigger investigation agencies.


Why should you feel confident in our people finding abilities?


1) We are professional people finders, with many years experience. This company was founded in 2005 by trained researchers who wanted to branch out on their own. We have access to special investigative databases and a wealth of knowledge about people finding. We’ve taken cases on from all over the UK, our researchers have found people in London, Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales, Belfast, Birmingham…You name the city, we’ve found people there!


2) You will only pay the additional £99.99 success fee after we have provided you with a new address that we found for the person. You are free to confirm it before payment.


3) We have many testimonials on several websites all from satisfied clients, and all left on online forums so you know they were written by real people.


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Find People UK

Find People UK is a professional member of:
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Please browse our testimonials below! They're all taken from our online fourm where clients leave some feedback after a Find People investigation.


HJ-Law - "provding a very useful and honest service to family law solicitors"

BethABC - "Thanks for finding him for us, it would have been quite a problem for us without you"

Adam Moncrief - "thanks for finding our friends, we used to be neighbours"

Ema - "We are having a school reunion in January, sort of, me and four girls I've not seen in 20 years!"

im-frank-with-you - "thanks for helping me out, findpeopleuk traced my birth mum for me"

Wild7Will - "Thanks for finding my cousin, and doing it in 3 days"

John T - "Andy and his team found my brother, we lost contact 10 years ago"


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